Ecoterm AS was founded in 1993

The company’s area of activity is the manufacturing of complete automatized heating stations and openable plate heat exchangers. The assembly of the stations takes place according to the standards of the ISO9001:2015 control system.

Ecoterm’s heating stations are suitable for the joining of the hot water supply, heating system and ventilation unit of both new buildings as well as those being renovated with the district heating network or local heat source. Automatic control ensures the energy efficient, long-term and smooth operation of the heat-consuming systems of the building. Compact heating stations assembled from high-quality components are easy to be moved and installed. Heating stations have a high level of operating reliability, their exploitation costs are low and handling simple.

Plate heat exchangers, which are soldered or with an openable construction are used in the heating stations. Heat exchangers are reliable and are suitable for working in the conditions of under a pressure of up to 3.0 MPa and at the heat exchange medium’s temperature of up to 180°C. The material of the working plates of the heating stations manufactured by Ecoterm AS is stainless steel, acid-proof steel or titanium as necessary. The planning of the heating stations takes place with the help of computer programmes. Consistent product development together with a technologically renewing production process ensures the quality of the devices manufactured.

The heating stations are delivered to the ordering party as an assembled device made in the factory ready to be connected. The manufacturing capacity of Ecoterm AS allows fulfilling serious orders in a time period acceptable to the client. Our heating stations are like tailored solutions, which have been manufactured according to the client’s needs.

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